[keycloak-user] "Invalid_grant" error when trying to login with the user created from Rest API

Anunay Sinha anunay.sinha at arvindinternet.com
Fri Sep 25 03:59:04 EDT 2015

I am using keycloak 1.4
When am trying to create a new user using rest api, I am getting 201
User shows under the list of users on the Keycloak admin panel as well as
when I query it from the API

I have reset the password of the user using the following call

Am getting 204 for this request.
When am trying to login with this user, am getting the erro
Status Code 401
  "error_description": "Invalid user credentials",
  "error": "invalid_grant"

If however I go and edit my user from admin console, it starts working.
Can you help me with this issue

- Anunay
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