[keycloak-user] Use Case and Roadmap

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Wed Sep 30 03:57:49 EDT 2015


We plan to write an overview doc outlining the main features and benefits
of using Keycloak. This will be posted on the website and we should
probably also include it in the documentation.

With regards to road map details around that can be found in JIRA, but we
don't maintain a detailed long term road map as we like to be more flexible
than that. If there are specific features you're after feel free to use the
mailing list to ask about them. The more demand something gets the quicker
we'll add it!

On 28 September 2015 at 09:49, Giovanni Baruzzi <
giovanni.baruzzi at syntlogo.de> wrote:

> Dear KeyCloak team,
> In the last days I worked intensively with KeyCloak, trying to check if it
> fits as a solution in a current project and I was suddenly aware of the big
> potential still hidden in the software.
> The problem is, that these capabilities can be understood only after hours
> of experimenting and I was able to appreciate the vision behind it.
> There is not too much trace of the vision in the documentation, which is
> not bad, but it does not tell you why some feature are there  and how to
> better make use of them.
> So, a kind request: can you publish some document telling why you decided
> to implement a feature?
> These contributions don’t need to be extensive, it gives just us a glimpse
> of the gold buried in the project.
> A road map or a list of features under evaluation could be very useful too.
> Thank you,
> Giovanni
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