[keycloak-user] Import / restore a custom required action

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Tue Jul 12 09:45:20 EDT 2016

Export and import should restore the custom required action and it sounds
like it doesn't, so may be missing from the export/import bits. Can you
create a JIRA please?

On 5 July 2016 at 11:31, Guus der Kinderen <guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> We have created a custom required action, in the form of a provider. It
> appears to behave as expected (we're using Keycloak 1.9.2)
> We are facing a challenge when trying to provision a new/empty server with
> Keycloak. We are trying to install Keycloak, and restore a pre-existing
> user base in it. Using the guidelines from chapter 25 "export and import"
> of the manual, we're able to do most of what we'd like to achieve.
> However, we're unable to restore users that have defined a required action
> as provided by our custom code. When we start up Keycloak, and look at the
> realm configuration for authentication, the 'required action'  is missing,
> but can be registered. After we manually do that, everything appears to be
> fine.
> Is there a way in which we can have a registered custom required action,
> without the need for manual intervention?
> We've tried adding a JSON snippet to the 'requiredActions' array property
> in the realm.json file that's being imported, but that does not appear to
> have any effect.
> An alternative would perhaps be registering the action through the REST
> endpoint that appears to be available, but that would require us to start
> Keycloak, before we've provisioned the users, which if possible, would be
> pretty messy (we'd have to wait for Keycloak to have started, invoke the
> REST endpoint, shut the instance down, and restart it with the user import,
> as far as I can tell).
> I'm hoping I'm simply missing an obvious option. Any help is much
> appreciated!
> Regards,
>   Guus
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