[keycloak-user] Kerberos keytab in a Clustered KC setup

Rafael T. C. Soares rsoares at redhat.com
Tue Jul 26 21:27:22 EDT 2016


How should I generate my Kerberos keytab file to use in a KC clustered 
domain (multiple hosts)?
I have to create a keytab for each KC Host? When I create the keytab I 
have to inform the Service Principal (eg 
'HTTP/myhost.example.com at MYDOM.COM'). But how the KC will know which 
Service Principal it should use if I have different KC instances 
distributed in different hosts? Is there a way to create a Service 
Principal on a keytab that serves for the entire cluster regardless the 
KC host instance?

Thanks in advance?

Rafael T. C. Soares

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