[keycloak-user] Fwd: OTP Policy updates not reflects in Google Authenticator

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Tue Nov 14 04:36:25 EST 2017

Hi Sitan,

I am not sure the rationale behind that my question didn’t receive any response though it’s posted more than a month ago.

 I am hoping you could be of some help with a problem that we are having with key cloak OTP changes not reflects in Google Authenticator.

Please review aforementioned issue description and do the needful.

Appreciate your quick response on this.

Thanks & Regards
Krishna Kumar Akurathi
On Saturday, September 30, 2017, forums.akurathi forums.akurathi at gmail.com wrote:

Dear all,

We are running into a weird problem i.e., updates to OTP policy does not reflect at google authenticator app. We wonder is there any special instructions needed to get this working.

A sequence of steps :

1) create realm, create user
2) enable OTP
3) login with the newly created user
4) system asks you to configure OTP
5) update OTP policy such as number of digits from 6 to 8
6) try login again
7) system asks you to enter OTP but authentication fails

We expect the system should route the user to configure OTP page rather than prompting to enter OTP which anyways fails.

Your response is highly appreciated !!!

Thanks in advance

Krishna Kumar Akurathi

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