[keycloak-user] Authenticate to Google Compute Cloud admin console using Open ID Connect.

Georgijs Radovs georgijsr at scandiweb.com
Wed Nov 15 08:23:34 EST 2017

Hello, everyone!

My current setup:

Keycloak Version - 3.0.0.Final
Keycloak Server Profile - Community

A single test project in Google Compute Cloud.

My question:

Is this SSO scenario is possible:

* A User authenticates at Keycloak server and initiates configured Open
ID Connect client.

* Initiated Open ID Connect client sends a code request to Google,
requesting access token

* Google sends back the access token, Keycloak receives the access
token, redirects user to Google, and Google authenticates user by email


Basically, I want to create this kind of workflow:

* A user logs into Keycloak server and initiates Open ID Connect client

* After the access code and token exchange has been completed, Keycloak
redirects user to Google, and user gains access to Google Cloud Compute
admin console.

Any help will be appriciated.

Thank you.


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