[keycloak-user] loggin saml requests/responses

Phillip Fleischer pcfleischer at outlook.com
Sat Nov 18 18:42:32 EST 2017

Turns out I was adding the logging level to the console but was viewing the log through docker which shows the file

So i just needed to add the log level to the file handler.

I didn’t want to add to the root logger cause it was too noisy… with it set this way everything looks perfect.

<console-handler name="CONSOLE">
    <level name="DEBUG"/>
        <named-formatter name="COLOR-PATTERN"/>
<periodic-rotating-file-handler name="FILE" autoflush="true">
    <level name="DEBUG"/>
        <named-formatter name="PATTERN"/>
    <file relative-to="jboss.server.log.dir" path="server.log"/>
    <suffix value=".yyyy-MM-dd"/>
    <append value="true"/>

On Nov 14, 2017, at 12:06 PM, Phillip Fleischer <pcfleischer at outlook.com<mailto:pcfleischer at outlook.com>> wrote:


I’m trying to debug using the saml clients and identity brokering, in the docs and several messages say that this can be done by turning on debug or trace.

I added the following to my standalone.xml but I’m not seeing anything.  I also tried on a remote host by using jboss-cli.sh command to add the logger to no avail.

Is there something I’m missing?

<logger category="org.keycloak.saml">
    <level name="TRACE"/>

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