[mod_cluster-dev] mod-cluster and domains

Bela Ban bban at redhat.com
Fri Jul 17 07:34:09 EDT 2009

I've got a few questions regarding the functionality of mod-cluster:

*#1 Does mod-cluster support domains with sticky sessions ?_

_*I recall discussing this on *this* mailing list, and IIRC Paul 
confirmed that mod-cluster supports domains with sticky sessions. I 
actually tried this out and t worked.

I just need a quick confirmation on this. For config details, I'll go 
and re-read the archives.

*#2 Disabling an entire domain*

I want to disable not just 1 node in a domain, but all nodes in a given 
domain. Is this possible ? If so, I'd assume this is done through 
mod-cluster-manager ?

*#2a: How do I know when all sessions of all nodes of a given domain 
have expired ?*

This is necessary to know when I can shut down all nodes of a given domain

*#3 Starting an entire domain in disabled mode*

I want to start all nodes, one by one, in a given domain as *disabled* 
(all webapps). Is it sufficient to just start all nodes as disabled ? Is 
it possible to start a node in disabled mode at all ?

*#4 Enabling an entire domain*

When all nodes in a domain have been started as disabled (step #3), I'd 
like to tell the httpds to enable all (or a selected set of) webapps in 
a given domain, in all nodes of that domain. Is this possible ?

The point behind these 4 questions is that I want to demo how to disable 
a domain, shut it down, upgrade the HW/SW, start it again, and re-enable it.

Bela Ban
Lead JGroups / Clustering Team

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