[mod_cluster-dev] [Fwd: mod-cluster and domains]

Bela Ban belaban at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 20 11:08:22 EDT 2009

Paul Ferraro wrote:

>> *#1 Does mod-cluster support domains with sticky sessions ?_
>> I just need a quick confirmation on this. For config details, I'll go 
>> and re-read the archives.
> Yes.

OK, thx

>> *#2 Disabling an entire domain*
>> I want to disable not just 1 node in a domain, but all nodes in a given
>> domain. Is this possible ? If so, I'd assume this is done through
>> mod-cluster-manager ?
> This is not yet possible


>> *#2a: How do I know when all sessions of all nodes of a given domain 
>> have expired ?*
>> This is necessary to know when I can shut down all nodes of a given 
>> domain
> mod_manager reports the number of active sessions per node. This logic
> isn't completely accurate - as it defines an "active" session as one
> that was accessed within the last 5 minutes.
> To get accurate active session counts from each server in a domain,
> you'll need to verify the activeSessions attribute of the individual
> jboss.web:type=Manager,* mbeans via jmx-console, or similar.

OK. I guess, for the demo I can write a small script which accesses all 
nodes in the domain and spits out this information.

> The plan is to implement stop(...) management methods (i.e. for graceful
> shutdown) that disables the node, waits for all sessions to drain, then
> stops the node.
> We'll allow this per domain as well.

Great !

>> *#4 Enabling an entire domain*
>> When all nodes in a domain have been started as disabled (step #3), I'd
>> like to tell the httpds to enable all (or a selected set of) webapps in
>> a given domain, in all nodes of that domain. Is this possible ?
> In general, we have not yet implemented per-domain management 
> functionality.
> I'll create JIRAs for these.

Let's discuss first which features we want to place into the 
mod-cluster-manager, and which ones into JBoss AS (or JOPR). I think 
Brian might have valuable feedback once he returns from his meeting with 
the JON/JOPR folks in Westford...

But, as I mentioned in my reply to Jean-Frederic's email this morning, I 
think some features would be really useful to have in mod-cluster-manager.


Bela Ban
Lead JGroups / Clustering Team

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