[mod_cluster-dev] mod-cluster and domains with sticky sessions

Bela Ban bban at redhat.com
Tue Jul 21 08:46:14 EDT 2009

OK, I read through the archives of this list and came up with a solution 
for mod-jk, but apparently nobody has so far used domains/sticky 
sessions with *mod-cluster* !

I found 2 different ways of doing this:

#1 server.xml:

<Listener className="org.jboss.modcluster.ModClusterListener"
          advertize="true" domain="${jboss.Domain:DefaultDomain}" />

#2 and in mod-cluster-jboss-beans.xml:

<bean name="HAModClusterService" ...>
    <property name="domain">${jboss.Domain:DefaultDomain}</property>

and then started several instances:

./run.sh -b -c all -g *D1* -u -m 10500 
-Djboss.jvmRoute=*node1* -Djboss.Domain=*D1*
./run.sh -b -c all -g *D1* -u -m 10500 
-Djboss.jvmRoute=*node2* -Djboss.Domain=*D1*


./run.sh -b -c all -g *D2* -u -m 11500 
-Djboss.jvmRoute=*node3* -Djboss.Domain=*D2*

So we have domains D1 (cluster D1 with node1 and node2) and D2 (cluster 
D2 with node3).

#1 above seems to work half way, #2 doesn't.


    * What is the recommended way of setting of domains ?
          o I assume #1, but that's not documented anywhere, I just
            found out accidentally through a port via google
    * Sometimes, a webapp on node2 fails over to node3 rather than node1

Can someone look into this ? This information should be available via a 
web page, similar to the one for mod-jk !

Bela Ban
Lead JGroups / Clustering Team

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