[mod_cluster-dev] Session temporarily unavailable

Bela Ban bban at redhat.com
Wed Jul 22 08:57:00 EDT 2009

When I have 2 nodes (node1, node2), and a session which is created on 
node1 (and replicated to node2), the following can happen:

    * I shut down node1 (CTRL-C)
    * node1 terminates cleanly
    * I access the webapp, but get a "Session temporarily unavailable"
      failure message (I guess a 500)
    * When I check mod-cluster-manager, information about node1 is still
      there !
    * Ca 5 seconds later, mod-cluster-manager doesn't show node1 anymore
    * When I now access the webapp, I get the proper failed over session
      on node2 and all my data is still there

So my question is why doesn't node2 immediately tell httpd/mod-cluster 
that node1 is gone ? It seems that httpd *itself* only learns about this 
when it pings the socket to node1...

I recall Paul once telling me we hadn't implemented that functionality, 
but I guess by now this is surely implemented ?

Bela Ban
Lead JGroups / Clustering Team

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