[mod_cluster-dev] Proposal for new project name

Karm Michal Babacek karm at fedoraproject.org
Tue Aug 16 09:00:44 EDT 2016

Hi Paul,
I kinda like the FloodTide name.

I'm willing to lend a hand with httpd modules (native part) and
porting docs, based off http://modcluster.io setup, content and tutorials.
I'm also the maintainer of mod_cluster in Fedora, the package that would
be affected.

 I'm bound to say that my effort is a community, voluntary one,
 unrelated to my current work assignments at Red Hat.

Lemme start throwing questions:

 * How do we refer to Undertow mod_cluster proxy implementation?
   Undertow FloodTide proxy? (indeed, any other name)

 * Are we going to get in touch with George Fleury who did mod_cluster for Nginx?
   Shouldn't we find engineering resources to build on current Nginx work (LGPL),
   rename it, update it, test it?

 * Could we seize the opportunity renaming brings and dedicate
   more Red Hat resources to the "reborn" project? The TO DO list is endless.


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> Subject: [mod_cluster-dev] Proposal for new project name
> Since the advent of Stuart's Undertow-based mod_cluster
> implementation, we've discussed the need to rename the "mod_cluster"
> project to better differentiate the general technology/protocol from
> its origin as an Apache httpd module.  Trivial stuff like this never
> feels urgent, but given that we've started a 2.x branch of the source
> code, if we're ever going to change the name, we should do it soon.
> This email is meant to formally start this discussion.
> Personally, I would love to see the a new name loosely associated with
> the word Undertow, ideally with a similar irony (i.e. undertow is
> generally considered dangerous).
> Here are some ideas for names, in the spirit of ocean/water-related
> phenomena:
> * OverDrive (a literal antonym of Under+Tow)
> * Overwash (the flow of water and sediment over a coastal dune or
> beach crest during storm events)
> * Backrush (the return of water seaward, down the foreshore of a
> beach, following the uprush of a wave, i.e. the cause of an undertow)
> * Uprush (a sudden upward surge or flow)
> * FloodTide (Period when tide level is rising)
> * TidalBore (a large wave caused by the funneling of a flood tide as
> it enters a long, narrow, shallow inlet)
> * TidalJet (fast-moving intrusion of water issuing from a narrow gap
> through a physical barrier between two bodies of water)
> * Upwell (to flow upward)
> * RogueWave (exactly what it sounds like)
> * Maelstrom (a powerful whirlpool in a sea or river)
> * Levada (a portuguese aqueduct)
> * Deluge (downpour of rain causing a flood)
> * Diluviant (one who pertains to a flood)
> * Gilgamesh/Bilgamesh (from the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Sumerian
> story describing one of the oldest great flood mythologies)
> Of the above, my personal favorites are "Diluviant" and "Maelstrom".
> Thoughts?  Any other ideas?
> Paul
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