[mod_cluster-dev] mod_cluster on windows

Michal Karm michal.babacek at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 03:28:09 EST 2019

On 01/03/2019 07:07 AM, Munkh-Erdene Jargal wrote:
> Hello dear Karm
> Greetings from Mongolia. I’m working to implement mod_cluster in our Jboss
> server which is running on windows server. So I’m bit confused of how to
> generate *.so files such as slotmem.so, mod_manager.so in windows environment.
> Any response is appreciated.

Hello Munkh-Erdene,

You can either build it yourself or download our distro.
An important point is that you should use mod_cluster with httpd
it was built with.

Some links:

mod_cluster for ApacheLounge [1] server is here: [2].
You can also give it a shot with our *developer* httpd build [3]
with mod_cluster [4].

If you have some other httpd Windows distribution, e.g.
from WAMP or some other vendor, you might have to build mod_cluster.
Do not despair, it is fairly easy.
 - install Visual Studio
 - install CMake
 - unzip -devel version of your httpd (you need its .h files and .lib files)
Follow what we do on: [5]


[1] https://www.apachelounge.com/download/

Michal Karm Babacek

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