[rules-users] Event pattern matching

brad hadfield brad.hadfield at pitchpointsolutions.com
Tue May 8 11:54:43 EDT 2007

Something like Esper would be extremely cool.  I noticed though that the
Esper license is incompatible with JBoss rules -- ASL 2.0


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   We do want to support ESP and CEP in JBRules and we are currently
researching about the best way of doing it... either by developing
support or integrating...
   This last weekend I wrote a few notes about what would be the
requirements we would need to match to support ESP/CEP and posted to the
blog: http://markproctor.blogspot.com. Feedback welcome.


2007/5/7, Tomas Olsson <tol at sics.se >: 

   Would it not be possible to have something like Esper:
   merged with JBRules?
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