[security-dev] IDM: REST API

Pedro Igor Silva psilva at redhat.com
Fri Dec 7 17:15:00 EST 2012

They use a id/externalId/userName to identify users. Not sure if we have that in PL.

Maybe this is a important thing to consider given that:

    * User can have different identifiers (eg.: username) for each cloud application. How we know that a specific username maps to a single person ?
    * During the authentication each application may require one of the user's identifier.

Let's get the following example:

    * John is a person. For application A he is using a username "john". For application B he is using "john2012".

This solution can be very important when *auditing* user actions. That way we can map different identifiers to a single person. Considering a cloud and heterogeneous environment.

Pedro Igor

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SCIM is very popular for user provisioning using REST.
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