[security-dev] IDM: REST API

Darran Lofthouse darran.lofthouse at jboss.com
Mon Dec 10 13:47:02 EST 2012

On 12/10/2012 06:37 PM, Bill Burke wrote:
> * Granting specific access to somebody so they can act on behalf of you
> seems like a pretty compelling cross-cutting use case that should be
> supported in the model.

That is something that is coming up for AS7 as well we are close to the 
point where we need to define which users can act on the behalf of other 

> * How the IDM API works in a cloud environment that needs to service
> multiple realms/aplications should also be thought through.
> In the emails that have come out over the past few weeks, there's a
> bunch of other use cases expressed by people that should be centralised
> in a requirements document.

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