[security-dev] PicketLink IDM JPA Identity Store

Shane Bryzak sbryzak at redhat.com
Wed Oct 10 16:07:45 EDT 2012

On 11/10/12 00:22, Douglas Campos wrote:
> On Oct 9, 2012, at 7:52 PM, Shane Bryzak wrote:
>> On 10/10/12 08:05, Douglas Campos wrote:
>>> On Oct 9, 2012, at 4:49 PM, Shane Bryzak wrote:
>>>> If the goal is to make available a simple schema for just some
>>>> developers that wanted it, the best way to do this is to provide an
>>>> additional, optional jar file containing just the simple schema entity
>>>> beans (call it picketlink-idm-defaultschema or something like this)
>>>> rather than provide an entirely new implementation.  This way we avoid
>>>> the burden of having to maintain two implementations, and also avoid the
>>>> aforementioned problem of having unwanted entity beans in the
>>>> distribution for developers that don't want to use the simple schema.
>>> So we go from complex to simple? Did you mean the opposite?
>> I don't understand the question, sorry?
> Optional jar file for the simple schema? shouldn't it be the opposite?

No no - the point I've been (seemingly unsuccessfully) trying to make is 
that we *must not* include any entity beans by default.  If we did it 
would cause a multitude of problems for our users.  If we do want to 
provide a default schema that some of our users *may* elect to use 
instead of providing their own, it must be in a separate jar file.

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