[security-dev] Meaningful relationships

Shane Bryzak sbryzak at redhat.com
Mon Oct 15 04:19:58 EDT 2012

No, not that kind.  I'm currently reviewing the database schema for the 
identity management module - in the previous version of PicketLink we 
had quite a good design [1] that was a little abstract, but met all the 
requirements well.  Here's a summary of the key tables:

IdentityObject - this table would contain both User and Group records
IdentityObjectRelationship - models the relationship between User and 
Group, i.e. Group memberships
IdentityObjectRelationshipName - this table is a special one that 
contained the names for "named relationships".  A named relationship can 
effectively be thought of as a Role, (and was also modelled in the 
IdentityObjectRelationship table) for example "John" (User) is a 
"Manager" (Role, the "named" bit of the relationship) in "Head Office" 
(Group) - see [2] for more details.

With the introduction of application roles we need to jig this design a 
little bit.  I was thinking of keeping IdentityObject essentially the 
same, with the exception that it would also be used to contain Roles, as 
well as Users and Groups.  Instead of the IdentityObjectRelationship 
table though, I propose we go with the following slightly less abstract 


This basically allows us to make any IdentityType (User, Group or Role) 
a member of a Group or Role, or both.  Here's a few scenarios:

1. John is a part of the accounting group.

MEMBER = John (User)
GROUP = accounting
ROLE = null

2. The Manager group is a subgroup of the Employee group.

MEMBER = Manager (Group)
GROUP = Employee
ROLE = null

3. Kevin is an administrator for the Manager group

MEMBER = Kevin (User)
GROUP = Manager
ROLE = Admin

4. Kelly is a superuser (which is an application role)

MEMBER = Kelly (User)
GROUP = null
ROLE = Superuser

With the above examples in mind, this now leads into the "meaningful 
relationships" theme - can anyone think of any other meaningful security 
relationships that cannot be modelled with this design? I'm not really 
looking to make the design "future proof" as such, but I would like to 
ensure we cover all currently known scenarios / use cases.  Comments and 
feedback welcome of course.


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