[security-dev] JPA is a can of worms for Wildfly startup

Anil Saldhana Anil.Saldhana at redhat.com
Tue Aug 6 11:30:47 EDT 2013

Hi All,
(thanks to Jason, Bill and Scott Marlow for the discussion)

Jason has provided some objections to the JPA usage in PicketLink that 
can affect Wildfly boot time performance. He had raised this concern 
last time for the JPAIdentityStore implementation in PicketLink v2.5 
which we have been trying to mitigate via the implementation of a JDBC 
driven Identity Store.

The discussion happening in the thread above however is for the 
JPABasedTokenRegistry and JPABasedRevocationRegistry part of v2.1.x 
which predates PicketLink v2.5

I think we should also implement a straight JDBC based token registry 
and revocation registry to avoid the Wildfly boot drag.


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