[security-dev] PicketLink AS Subsystem

Bolesław Dawidowicz bdawidow at redhat.com
Tue Feb 19 06:13:46 EST 2013


We are doing some prototyping with PicketBox and PicketLink 3. As part 
of this it makes sense for use to put it in separate subystem in AS7.

There is existing PicketLink 2.x one here:


 From what I learned from Anil while it is on the roadmap PicketLink 3.x 
subsystem won't happens soon. I would like to discus requirements for it 
as we may be able to contribute something - at least some initial work.

I would also like to discuss how independent PicketLink service should 
be exposed and consumed in applications. Most natural way would be to 
provide both CDI integration and REST interface. Any thoughts on that?

As part of our prototyping we would like to avoid investing time into 
something that would duplicate existing functionality or go against 
already agreed design.


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