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What is "multi-stage" authentication?

On 1/15/2013 10:26 AM, Anil Saldhana wrote:
> Jason,
>    I did see this on the apache list this morning.
> I think quickstarts such as TicketMonster will help IMO.
> Regards,
> Anil
> On 01/15/2013 08:04 AM, Jason Porter wrote:
>> Thought if forward this one on to make sure we have it covered.
>> Begin forwarded message:
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>>> Dear all,
>>> I start a JEE6 project (CDI/JPA/JSF) in a few months and security is a
>>> problem. The 3 main frameworks handling security are (sorry if i miss
>>> one):
>>> *- Spring Security:* not a good idea for a CDI-oriented architecture.
>>> *- Apache Shiro:* very interesting but doesn't support multi-stage
>>> authentication and need to be "POCed" because rather "exotic" (different
>>> identity model, not based on JAAS). I lack of time to perform such a POC.
>>> *- Seam Security:* has no future, lack of documentation.
>>> So if we consider that delta-spike security is the future but not
>>> available
>>> and not mature enough before a (too) long time; what should we do?
>>> I'm under the impression that you pick the best of several security
>>> frameworks and add some features of your own so how can we choose a
>>> security
>>> framework that will not imply a costly refactoring when delta spike
>>> will be
>>> available?
>>> I found some answers along this forum (and related-jiras such as "Discuss
>>> Security Module"; yet we need a clear path:
>>> 1) please, what will exactly be the deltaspike security module?
>>> 2) which existing security framework is the closest to the target?
>>> 3) which one will imply the least refactoring?
>>> If the answer is accurate/clear, it would be useful to highlight it:
>>> I think
>>> a lot of architects are in the same trouble than me.
>>> I'm not yet very confortable with Apache process so please forgive me
>>> if I
>>> ask questions that have already been answered somewhere.
>>> Regards.
>>> Glh
>>> P.S: I don't have the security requirements yet, I just know that
>>> multi-authentication could be required.
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