[security-dev] OAuth Provider Web Application on OpenShift

Bruno Oliveira bruno at abstractj.org
Mon Jan 21 12:13:23 EST 2013

Hi Anil, 

I'm looking for the sources. Could you point me out to the implementation? Are you planning to release it? 

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On Friday, January 18, 2013 at 6:27 PM, Anil Saldhana wrote:

> NOTE: the following does not use any OAuth Server implementation (no 
> Auth Tokens issued etc).
> I just want to give you a glimpse at the PicketLink OAuth Provider web 
> application.
> Uses: PicketLink 3.0 (IDM and Extensions), Aerogear JS, Twitter 
> Bootstrap, RESTEasy and AS7. Uses PL IDM as of this morning.
> http://todo-anilsaldhana.rhcloud.com/picketlink-oauth-provider/jsp/picketlink.html
> You can register an account. Then log in. You can then register oauth 
> applications. If the name is already registered, it will throw a pop up 
> saying "Application is already registered". So choose some other name.
> This is not a production application. Just take it for a spin. 
> Application restarts will lose all data. :)
> I am sure there are tons of issues, broken functionality.
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