[security-dev] [PicketLink IDM] - Timed Release Version - 3.0.0-2013Jan22

Pedro Igor Silva psilva at redhat.com
Tue Jan 22 09:45:43 EST 2013

Hi All,

    Today, we released a new timed version for the PicketLink IDM project. The documentation and quickstarts are being elaborated, but you can always check the test cases for a lot of usage examples.


    The code bellow shows how to quick start using the file-based store:

        // initialization code
        IdentityConfiguration config = new IdentityConfiguration();
        config.addStoreConfiguration(new FileIdentityStoreConfiguration());

        IdentityManager identityManager = new DefaultIdentityManager();

        identityManager.bootstrap(config, new DefaultIdentityStoreInvocationContextFactory());
        // let's create some users, roles and groups.
        User user = new SimpleUser("someUser");
        user.setAttribute(new Attribute<String>("someAttribute", "someValue"));
        Role role = new SimpleRole("someRole");

        Group group = new SimpleGroup("someGroup");
        // let's create some relationships
        identityManager.grantRole(user, role);
        identityManager.addToGroup(user, group);
        identityManager.grantGroupRole(user, role, group);

    This is the first version that supports all major features, including: (for the JPA and File identity stores, only)

        - Identity Types Management (Common functionality for User, Group and Roles)
            - Create, Update and Remove
            - Custom attributes
            - Queries can be done using all suported parameters. Including custom attributes.
            - Organization by Partition (Realm or Tiers)

        - Relationship
            - Create, Update and Remove
            - Custom attributes
            - Queries can be done using all supported parameters. Including custom attributes.
            - Supports custom Relationships (user-defined)
            - Provided Relationships:
                - Grant (User x Roles: User has Role )
                - GroupRole (User x Group x Role: User has Role as member of Group)
                - GroupMembership (User x Group: User is member of Group)

        - Credential

            - Password
            - Digest
            - Certificate
            - Credential expiration

        - Partition

            - Create and Remove Realm
            - Create and Remove Partition
            - Contextualized IdentityManager for Partition (forRealm and forTier methods)
            - Query Identity Types by Partition
            - Considering all requirements for Realm and Tiers (*Check with Shane*)

        - Query Support

            - Pagination and result count

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

Pedro Igor

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