[security-dev] Federated JDO more than an IDM API?

Pedro Igor Silva psilva at redhat.com
Wed Jul 31 15:27:30 EDT 2013

This is a good perspective. If we consider the support for different repositories and their mappings, plus the IDM capabilities. But IMO we're not so generic as JDO and have a more specific scope, where the mapping config is limited to provide the minimal support to get your identity data recognized and manageable using these repositories.

Beside that, I think what we're doing with the IDM is not related with federation, yet.

We're just providing an API from where your different repositories, full of identity data, can be accessed as a single virtual repository. The federation part implies you need to link the identity data between different security domains (eg.: B2B), where in this case you are more likely to use some standard such as SAML, oAuth or even SCIM (for a cross-domain identity management). All backed by the IDM API. 

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Isn't the IDM API turning more into a Federated JDO project than an 
actual IDM API?  I"ve found at least one JPA/JDO implementation that 
supports an LDAP store, but haven't found one yet that does federation.
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