[security-dev] concurrent access to IDM

Shane Bryzak sbryzak at redhat.com
Wed Jun 12 18:22:48 EDT 2013

IdentityManagerFactory is designed to be application-scoped (or even 
container scoped), while IdentityManager is a lightweight object that is 
designed to be request-scoped (as each IdentityManager has its own 
SecurityContext with potential references to short-lived objects, such 
as entity managers).  Which concurrency issues have you found?  We 
should raise issues in JIRA to address these before we hit final.

On 13/06/13 07:26, Bill Burke wrote:
> How should concurrent access to IDM storage be handled?  Right now I see
> a lot of concurrency issues in the code that will pretty much force you
> to create an IdentityManagerFactory and IdentityManager per request.

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