[security-dev] pull request for partition creation

Pedro Igor Silva psilva at redhat.com
Thu Jun 13 18:40:19 EDT 2013

I think you did it right. We should use the IMF for that.

We just don't need the test cases you provided. We already have them executed for all stores that support partitions. 

I think we should also consider a method to obtain all supported partitions. That might be useful if you need to know which of them are already created.

I'have started something around that too, but Shane prefers to work on that because of PLINK-130.

One question, don't you need to remove partition as well ?

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Subject: [security-dev] pull request for partition creation

- Added partition creation support to File and JPA stores
- Added findTier(), findRealm(), createRealm(), createTier() methods to 
- Initialized the DefaultStoreFactory storeCache in the constructor
- Changed DefaultStoreFactory hashmaps to ConcurrentHashMaps

Won't be slighted if you don't approve the pull request.  But it would 
be cool to at least decide on what the high level interface will be for 
this.  Then I can just implement something in my repository and be 
unblocked for my other work.


Bill Burke
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