[security-dev] Beta coming soon

Anil Saldhana asaldhan at redhat.com
Wed Mar 20 09:14:44 EDT 2013

Yeah - lets aim for beta this week. Since advanced usage is affected, I think we can resolve that post-beta for CR. :) Let us facilitate Aerogear to release.

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Yes, I apologise for the delay but we identified some last minute design 
issues that I felt were important to get fixed for the beta release.  
The good news is that the changes only affect some of the more complex 
features of PicketLink and that for the most part general usage of PL 
remains unaffected.

On 20/03/13 16:35, Anil Saldhana wrote:
> There are some important fixes to be done. Shane and Pedro are diligently working on it. Beta should be out very shortly. Targeting this week.
> The changes do not affect the functionality that Aerogear depends on afaik but nevertheless we need to fix it.
> Spoke to Jay in person last evening and he agreed that it is important to make the fixes for Beta.
> Once our Beta is released, Aerogear v1.0 will be released soon. <excited/>

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