[security-dev] PicketLink IDM subsystem

Anil Saldhana Anil.Saldhana at redhat.com
Thu Mar 28 16:26:28 EDT 2013

First priority is to get the IDM subsystem in place before the 
federation. :)

On 03/28/2013 03:20 PM, Bolesław Dawidowicz wrote:
> It all sounds good to me. I cannot comment much around Federation part
> but if it all can fit together it is even better.
> Let us know how you prefer to proceed on this and we can sync next week
> and help you. If we could merge stuff together and release some initial
> version quickly then we would ditch our own prototype and use picketlin
> idm subsystem instead in our demo application (evenjuggler).
> On 03/28/2013 04:04 PM, Pedro Igor Silva wrote:
>> I agree. Just think that one of the requirements can be to allow
>> parsing an existing pl configuration from the deployment. But I know
>> we can start without that right now.
>> I took a quick look at Stain's work (going to pull his code and run
>> locally later) and it looks fine. Maybe we should also consider what
>> was done with PL 2 given that it provides:
>> - Automatically PL dependency configuration (as Stain's) - Code for
>> parsing the XML schema from the standalone/domain.xml. I think we can
>> reuse a lot of code and add the PL-IDM schema very easily. - Specific
>> configuration for a given deployment, based on the config defined
>> inside the standalone/domain.xml. - Others features specific for the
>> federation deployments, such as statistics and support for most of
>> the federation configuration. - Unit and Integration tests.
>> Today, the PL 2 subsystem is specific for the Federation stuff. But I
>> think we can refactor a bit to accommodate the new requirements (and
>> other pl projects). I think we can merge Stain's work with the PL 2
>> subsystem very easily.
>> The XML schema for the PL 2 subsystem is :
>> https://github.com/picketlink2/as-subsystem/blob/master/src/test/resources/picketlink-subsystem.xml
>>   We can review the schema above to something like:
>> <subsystem> <federations> <!-- PL Federation configuration -->
>> </federations>
>> <identity-management> <!-- PL IDM configuration -->
>> </identity-management> </subsystem>
>> What  do you think ?
>> Regards. Pedro Igor
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>> PicketLink IDM subsystem
>> I think xml can wait a bit. Initial version can just boostrap
>> default stuff - JPA store. Then we add more proper config.
>> Just initialization of JPA store and exposing it to applications is
>> enough to kickstart the subsystem IMO - and this is what Stian
>> developed. At least that is pretty much what we need for now to move
>> on.
>> I propose that we really start small but with common codebase under
>> picketlink umbrella and then discuss more detailed design and add
>> more features. And just release often.
>> On 03/28/2013 03:20 PM, Anil Saldhana wrote:
>>> We need to start the design discussions on the IDM subsystem right
>>> away.
>>> We need to at least decide the schema and how the xml elements
>>> look.
>>> On 03/28/2013 09:18 AM, Bolesław Dawidowicz wrote:
>>>> What Stian is proposing (and it was main reason to send this
>>>> email) is that we extract our work and put it in picketlink as a
>>>> base for new subsystem. Obviously if it matches expectations and
>>>> goes in same direction that you expect.
>>>> We don't want to duplicate work. The soon we align the better -
>>>> and we have a bit of time to help right now.
>>>> On 03/28/2013 03:05 PM, Anil Saldhana wrote:
>>>>> Hi Stain, we will have the subsystem as one of the projects in
>>>>> the PL github. That work has to start soon.  So it makes sense
>>>>> to migrate some of the work you have done. Since Pedro did the
>>>>> PL2 subsystem, he will be coordinating the work on the PL3
>>>>> subsystem.
>>>>> Regards, Anil
>>>>> On 03/28/2013 08:23 AM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
>>>>>> As part of our project we need a basic JBoss AS subsystem for
>>>>>> PicketLink IDM. We hope to either contribute this to
>>>>>> PicketLink, or to be able to replace it with an official
>>>>>> subsystem once it's available. If there is any interest in
>>>>>> what we've done so far, we would welcome feedback and/or help
>>>>>> to complete it.
>>>>>> I thought this would be a good time to send this mail as we
>>>>>> have something very basic working. It's available on github
>>>>>> (https://github.com/stianst/eventjuggler-services/tree/idm).
>>>>>> It's the Identity subsystem (identity/impl) that provides the
>>>>>> PL IDM subsystem equivalent.
>>>>>> To enable the Identity subsystem a deployment adds a
>>>>>> dependency on "org.eventjuggler.services.identity", this
>>>>>> causes the deployment processors in the Identity subsystem
>>>>>> to:
>>>>>> * Add a dependency on our PL 3 module * Install CDI
>>>>>> extensions that provides the beans from PL jars + a producer
>>>>>> for EntityManager that uses an EntityManagerFactory created
>>>>>> by the Identity service
>>>>>> This in return means that the deployment doesn't have to
>>>>>> include PL jars or any PL configuration for the identity
>>>>>> store.
>>>>>> We have an example application that uses this service. It
>>>>>> uses only PL 3 api's for authentication/authorization. That's
>>>>>> also available on github
>>>>>> (https://github.com/stianst/eventjuggler/tree/idm/).
>>>>>> To try it out, first download JBoss EAP 6.1.0.Alpha, then run
>>>>>> the following:
>>>>>> git clone
>>>>>> https://github.com/stianst/eventjuggler-services.git cd
>>>>>> eventjuggler-services git checkout origin/idm -b idm mvn
>>>>>> -Djboss.zip=<location of jboss-eap-6.1.0.Alpha.zip> install
>>>>>> build/target/jboss-eap-6.1/bin/standalone.sh
>>>>>> If you also want to try the example application run the
>>>>>> following:
>>>>>> git clone https://github.com/stianst/eventjuggler.git cd
>>>>>> eventjuggler git checkout origin/idm -b idm mvn clean
>>>>>> install mvn -pl ear jboss-as:deploy
>>>>>> Now you should be able to open
>>>>>> http://localhost:8080/eventjuggler-client and select register
>>>>>> and login to check that authentication works.
>>>>>> We haven't put to much effort into exactly what we're doing
>>>>>> as we wanted some feedback first. A few things that we've
>>>>>> been thinking about includes:
>>>>>> * Split idm and core into separate subsystems + modules *
>>>>>> Allow configuring the identity store (jpa, ldap or file)
>>>>>> through JBoss AS management * Support multiple identity store
>>>>>> configurations and a mechanism to select which to use for a
>>>>>> specific deployment

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