[security-dev] PL 2.5 on EAP 6.1

Claudio Miranda claudio at claudius.com.br
Wed Nov 27 08:39:58 EST 2013

Hi, I see PL quickstarts [1] they are for PL 2.5.x, and understand PL
can be used as a replacement for seam 2 security. That is what I am

I am migrating an application that currently uses seam 2 security to
authenticate, extends and inject Identity class. We are going to
remove seam security in favor for a JEE 6 stack, with no seam

However, we uses EAP 6.1, that uses PL 2.1.6.

How do you see, if I add a custom module with picketlink 2.5 and not
touching the 2.1.6 module.
Add j-d-s.xml to my application pointing to PL 2.5  module.

I will perform a test on this, but would like to hear from you about this.

1. https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-picketlink-quickstarts

  Claudio Miranda

claudio at claudius.com.br

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