[security-dev] [Announcement] PicketLink v2.5.1.Final is released

Anil Saldhana Anil.Saldhana at redhat.com
Thu Sep 5 18:31:27 EDT 2013

Hi All,
   the PicketLink community announces the release of v2.5.1.Final today.

Release Notes: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/PLINK/v2.5.1.Final

We graciously acknowledge many people who contributed in one form or the 
other to the inception, development and release of PicketLink v2.5.x

This release brings together the community modules of PicketLink IDM 
(Identity Management), PicketLink Federation (SAML etc) and Seam Security.

PicketLink v2.5.x is the natural successor of Seam Security. PicketLink 
is the preferred application security framework for JavaEE applications.

Please refer to the documentation at 
Quickstarts at JBoss Developer Framework (JDF): 
https://github.com/jboss-jdf/jboss-as-quickstart  (git submodule)

The website is as always at: http://www.picketlink.org

We welcome feedback and questions.


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