[security-dev] Does PicketLink SAML offering support xml decryption ?

Adam Dong adamdong at vidder.com
Fri Aug 8 18:45:15 EDT 2014


Thanks for the quick response. That was very helpful.

I took a quick look at those examples:

The IDP side has SAML2EncryptionHander configured in the handlers chain, that is understandable.
But why doesn't SP side have something like SAML2DecryptionHandler ? Where is the decryption code ? Is it in ServiceProviderAuthenticator itself and not in a handler ?

(A less important question: so the library supports only <EncryptedAssertion>, and not <EncryptedID> or <EncryptedAttribute>, right ?)


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I'm pretty sure about EncryptedAssertion. We have quickstarts for that:


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Specifically for decrypting <EncryptedID>, <EncryptedAssertion> or <EncryptedAttribute> on The SP side ? 


Adam Dong 

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