[security-dev] SAML SSO with signatures error

Eric Wittmann eric.wittmann at redhat.com
Tue Jun 24 14:52:25 EDT 2014

Hi guys.

I'm using the EAP IDP Valve with the SPFilter servlet filter running on 
EAP 6.3.0 to implement web SSO.  It works fine without signatures, but 
now I'm trying to enable signatures on the IDP (meaning I want the IDP 
to sign the saml response and I want the SPFilter to verify the sig). 
I'm using picketlink 2.5.3.SP1 packaged into the SP WAR.  I'm using 
whatever picketlink version comes with EAP 6.3 (2.5.3.SP5 I think).

I currently have two problems.  The first is that the SPFilter does this 
in the verifySignature() method:

         URL issuerURL;
         try {
             issuerURL = new URL(issuerID);
         } catch (MalformedURLException e1) {
             throw new IssuerNotTrustedException(e1);

This code fails for me because the issuerID in the saml response is 
"/overlord-idp/".  I haven't dug into this yet, but I imagine I need to 
tweak something on the IDP to get it to put in a full issuer into the 
saml response.

I can get past that with the debugger (by modifying the issuerID value) 
but when I do I hit the following stack trace:


The Signature in the saml response seems ok when I eyeball it.  That 
stack trace is pretty opaque to me - does anyone have any insight into it?


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