[wildfly-dev] Favour jboss-persistence.xml if present

Klein, Christopher Christopher.Klein at neos-it.de
Wed Jan 29 14:39:09 EST 2014

Hey guys,
I already filled out a feature request in JIRA (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-2816).

We have the situation that our development environment (currently JBoss AS 7.1.1) differs from the production instance (WebSphere 8.5). Our persistence.xml has to be adjusted for production environment: different jta-data-source, different properties. The dirty solution for this problem would be to generate separate build artifacts for both environments. As you can imagine I don't like the idea of having two binaries just because of a few different settings. Other options (WildFly or WebSphere specific JPA properties; extending Hibernate persistence provider) do not work.

A much nicer solution would be: WildFly checks on deployment process for the existence of a jboss-persistence.xml. If it does, the jboss-persistence.xml is used for configuring the JPA subsystem. Otherwise it falls back to the standard persistence.xml. The jboss-persistence.xml would use the XML schema from persistence.xml.

I lookup into the WildFly sources and this change should be an easy patch which I would provide.

So here are my questsions:
1. Are you generally interested in accepting such a pull request or is it a feature you don't want?
2. Does another solution exists to my problem apart from generating different artifacts which makes this pull request needless?

Greetings from Wolfsburg/Germany,

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