On 10/06/2014 05:45 AM, Corinne Krych wrote:
Hello Guys,

Aerogear iOS 2.0 release main focus being on OAuth2, this relase, we worked on an OAuth2 demo. We actually reuse Shoot app and extend it with a backend to demo Keycloak too.

Main idea is that for OAuth2 we demo external providers: Google, Facebook (and Twitter should come next) †and Keycloak. Weíve enhanced it with a web-app too. So thatís once the photo get uploaded you can view on desktop web-app. Itís nice to demo the 2 keyclaok adapters (wildfly and js adapter). See backend demo [1]

@summers, passos: It would be nice to have an Android similar demo, wdyt?
Shouldn't be a problem :)† More demos are always fun and will be a good thing to give the 2.0 code a in use test.
@lfryc @lholmquist should we use keyclaok.js only or is there a way to use ag.js? btw, your review is welcome on the js-angular part.



PS: do you like kittens?

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