And keeping in mind we are going to demo a lot of other features like : 
- Mulitpart support
- Data synchronisation
- Push support
So maybe this thread is also a good way of thinking about a new showcase applicattion in which all these featurs could fit ...
 Ideas ? 

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 6:22 PM, Christos Vasilakis <> wrote:
Hi team,

as we discuss in the meeting, we need a testbed app to go against our integration tests for the nested path feature.  For this there are two options:

a) either enhance our currently TODO app and add support for schemas of "/projects/{id}/tasks/{id}/tags{id}".  Currently ag-controller  supports nested path params.

b) create a separate and simple app eg. a blog engine with /blog/{id}/comments/id} etc. so that we point our tests there.

The advantage that a) gives is that we don't need to write and maintain a separate app, but we may need some different behaviour that doesn't cover either TODO or controller's functionality (eg. upload file functionality on the Pipe etc). So I am more in b) so that we can use it as a general testbed for the features we want to implement (now and in the future.)



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