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Thanks for raising that question - I think it's really important to talk about it. 
I think we had the similar conversation 6 months ago when kickstarting RainCatcher docs.

Personally I think is essential for every project to have his own landing sub page (with documentation,demo video etc.) that can be accessed easily from feedhenry, aerogear main web pages.
Project?  sync, push, raincatcher, digger - after that I'm not sure, is each sdk a project or not?
Do the users care what we consider to be a project? I'm thinking for, the end user might start by considering MCP, but then later think about sync, then later think about the ios sdk.

I think this needs further exploration, but Raincatcher is a good example of things working well.

In RainCatcher we went even further and created separate web page (that is linked in 
This works pretty well as documentation, getting started etc. is exposed directly on the main page.
Yea, I like that there's a feature associated with a set of repos, and one doc repo to tie the functionality together. We could set the homepage for all the associated repos to the published version of the doc repo to tie them together.

I think that has really good layout itself when listing all projects. We could just provide less information so people looking for something specific will not need to scroll too much. 
Spring (any many other aggregating communities) do the same. For example:

We can apply similar list to aerogear website - however I'm not aware of the impact or challenges in that area)
Here's the big one:

Would it help to redirect to and host everything there? I think that's been hinted at, but not asked explicitly up to now. For me the advantages are:

* one website is easier than two (process, tooling, communications, etc)
* addition is easier than subtraction, easier to add digger/push to, than to extract dead material from aerogear
* not having to deal with jekyll/plugins ;)


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Hi AeroGear, FeedHenry

As part of a review of Digger (Build Farm) docs,  I created a PR to attempt to improve user navigation of:

Feedback on that PR raised the question of general navigation of this web site:

* What should be in the Getting Started menu to help me get started with digger? (I think digger is more than a code snippet or library)

* If I'm interested in digger, should I expect any digger info under module or platform menu items?

* I sometimes navigate to a page, but can't remember how I navigated to it, then cannot find the info again.

These issues can be resolved, but will require a lot of effort, but another question is:

* Will it provide us a platform to build the community we want?

The web site looks great, and I learn a lot from browsing it (eg I didn't know about until today), but I wonder if it is doing the job we want it to do? and how do we keep it up-to-date? (

Meanwhile over at:

Not much there at the moment, but it will be the location for doc

* Do we want users switching from MCP doc on over to digger doc on and back again for some fh.sync doc?

These are difficult and challenging questions, I don't expect them to be easy to resolve and I'm happy to agree with whatever the communities decide to do. All this mail hopes to do is to raise the question of

* How do we communicate the "" (i.e. feedhenry mcp and aerogear digger) message as cleanly as possible?

(The real challenge occurs after that, convincing them to adopt, but users will never adopt if they can't find answers  they hit the first stumbling block)



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Bumping this a bit.

Over the summer the community team put together a backlog of items to update the feedhenry sdk page, automate some documentation and blogging aggregation, and begin to plan on how we would keep docs, demos, etc up to date from a community perspective. (if that isn't working let me know).

While we didn't look at the aerogear community as we were focusing on "feedhenry" it may be a good opportunity to spin the team back up and bring Aerogear into its fold.  This will mean either maintaining two websites and brands or combining them into a single landing page for docs and community to feed into the mobile upstream.  

MCP plays an important role in this because it is pulling together a lot of the strings from AeroGear, Wildfly, node.js, jboss, feedhenry, etc into a single "launchpad".



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