Just to get some discussions going and have something to talk about Iíve drafted some API, so what do you think?

// [option 1 fully automatic we create a pipe and add the posibilty to add a store for failover and sync just happens at on- and offline events]
// and because merging can fail users can add a conflict handlers
Builder builder = Builder.createPipe(pipeConfig).addFailoverStore(storeConfig);
Pipe<Car> pipe = builder.pipe(Car.class);
pipe.addConfictHandler(new ConflictHandler() {
public void conflict(Field originalField, Field newField) {
// user interaction
// [option 2 explicit let the user specify when to sync and what to sync]
SyncedPipe pipe = SyncPipeBuilder.build(options); // SyncPipe Store and Pipe togheter
// or we only use a store to sync and tell the sync manager where to sync to
SyncManager syncManager = new SyncManger();
syncManger.filter(readFilter); // maybe we don't want to sync all data but just some part
syncManager.addConnectionHandler(new ConnectionHandler() {
public void onConnection() {
syncManger.addConfictHandler(new ConflictHandler() {
public void conflict(Field original, Field new) {
// user interaction

Erik Jan