Hi Bruno,

aerogear-android-security for now is only to all around KeyServices, like PassPhrase and KeyStore. 

I'm not sure if Auth and Authz will be used together. The fact is today the implementation is not following the same contracts, so that's the reason why we decided to split that.

-- Passos

On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 12:06 PM, Bruno Oliveira <bruno@abstractj.org> wrote:
Passos, what does aerogear-android-security stands for? Do we really
need the authz module? My question is due to the fact that mostly it
will be together with auth module, but I could be wrong.

On 2014-07-22, Daniel Passos wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> Summers and I started working on agdroid modules and remove some cyclic
> dependencies. So we plan to split the agdroid on these modules:
>    - aerogear-android-core
>    - aerogear-android-pipe
>    - aerogear-android-auth
>    - aerogear-android-autz
>    - aerogear-android-store (with option security dependecy to use
>    EncryptedStores)
>    - aerogear-android-security
>    - aerogear-android-push
>    - aerogear-android-push-ups
>    - aerogear-android-offline
> -- Passos