On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 12:06 PM, Sebastien Blanc <scm.blanc@gmail.com> wrote:
I was looking at our current Push Message Format[1] and I was wonderimg if you should not add some more structure to it, decoupling config, criterias and the message itself : 

"config" : {
"ttl" : 3600,
"content-available" : true,
"simple-push": "version=123"
"criteria" : {
"alias" : ["user@account.com", "someone@aerogear.org", ....],
"categories" : ["someCategory", "otherCategory"],
"deviceType" : ["iPad", "AndroidTablet"],
"variants" : ["c3f0a94f-48de-4b77-a08e-68114460857e", "444939cd-ae63-4ce1-96a4-de74b77e3737"]
"message": {
"someKey":"some value",
"anotherCustomKey":"some other value"

wdyt ? 

interesting idea - it looks better structured. 

Regarding "simple-push": "version=123", I'd vote this not to be part of the 'configuration' section, it's the actual message/payload for SP


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