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I think it does make sense to track all the items for SimplePush (server and client) in a separated JIRA. That way we could have a more straightforward process of individual release, tracking at the right source etc.

The integration between UP and SP would be still tracked at AGPUSH, but that's really just one or two java classes :-)

I think that UP and SP are pretty different. Regarding SP, I think it does make sense to capture that in a different instance:
* SimplePush works standalone or in combination with WildFly/vert.x
--> different targets, different dependencies, different "envirnoments"
* SimplePush is based on a spec (Moz-specific spec).
--> The server (and the client) should reflect that with different cycles/releases, to be more fine grain.
* Independency
--> A release of a new version of SimplePush (based on a Netty bug, for instance), should not be treated in a "Push release", while the UnifiedPush server has no code changes at all. (vice versa) 

For the name: AGSIMPLEPUSH

The AGPUSH will stay to "catch" all the UnifiedPush items.

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