We're nearly there now, I'll fix the remaining issues today.

I the use of icons in the footer is problematic. Visitors don't necessarily know what these mean.

For example, where would you go if you want to report an issue? Not everyone is familiar with Jira and its logo. (You could hover and get some kind of clue, but you can't do this on touch devices, and it would be annoying)

So I think we should revert back to just using text links... The social networks can remain as icons.



On 05/08/2013 10:14, Corinne Krych wrote:
Hello All

@Hylke, I've integrated your comments:

1. logo is on left on desktop, centred on phone. I think this was a good comprise to make it look good on desktop and phone.
2. menu icon is fixed
3. page padding for paragraph added
4. I've downloaded the fonts locally and honestly it improved performance when browsing on devices 

I'd like you to revisit the footer icons I've added (doc/jira/email/github/irc). It would be nice if they can look like the twitter/facebook/google+ ones you initially created. wdyt?

@all, ready for your review guys, PR sent. 


On Aug 2, 2013, at 10:59 AM, Corinne Krych <> wrote:

Hi Hylke!

I've answered your comets below.

Taking the latest code in my branch:

I've also proposed a solution to make the footer much smaller. I used images. But, I like to have your designer view on that.

By tonight i hope to have a general feeling for the all site. Stay tune.


On Aug 2, 2013, at 10:39 AM, Hylke Bons <> wrote:

Thanks so much for looking into this Corrine!

I just had a look at the OpenShift instance. It looks good to me responsiveness-wise. I like the menu behaviour.

There are still some minor style issues. If you still have time to look into this that would be great,
otherwise I can take a look at these be fore we launch the new style:

- Logo is centred on the page, it looks more balanced having it stick to the left.

Funny, personally and specially on phone I found centred logo looks more balance. i remember seeing Passos's comments on this. He actually wanted it centred too. But I guess it's a mater of taste. I can change. let's see others comments.

- The menu icon is a bit hard to see (I've attached a quick svg with a colour change, would be nice if we could use that and have it not change shape)

I changed the icon with a unicode (triple bar) much easier to see. Pushed all that to my branch.

- The news headline ("AG 1.0 is out!") is sticking to the right of the page, it would be better if it kept to the right, but still in the middle of the page for large screen setups
- The platform icons seem to shift a pixel when you hover them

nice catch will fix that. it gives a bad flickering effect indeed.

- There's no page padding when scaling down, this makes the text paragraphs harder to read, because they touch the screen edge
- Some padding/spacing issue all-round. This is probably because everything was rebased on Boilerplate.

I am actually working on all the other pages. my initial focus was home page.

I'll try to get a local instance running again and help out with these things.

+ 10001
Together we'll have much power, thanks!



On 01/08/2013 06:40, Daniel Bevenius wrote:
Looks nice!

On 31 July 2013 18:57, Bruno Oliveira <> wrote:
Thanks Corinne.

Just tried and deployed on OpenShift Looks really good, I also tested it with

I'll try later on Android, IPhone and IPad.

Thanks for looking at this.

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Matthias Wessendorf <> wrote:
pretty cool!

Just tried your branch and it looks good on my iPhone 4s and on my Galaxy S II.


On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 5:45 PM, Corinne Krych <> wrote:
Hello All,

We've been talking about redesigning our web site.  Hylke has done a great design job. Now, we 'just' want to make it responsive.

Out of several proposals:
1. use bootstrap (current version of our site) and apply our custom design 
2. use topcoat css and apply our custom design
3. use HTML5 boilerplate and apply our custom design and make it responsive

I initially started with option 1, which might be overkill for a static site. 
Tried option 2, but here too, it seems overkill so ended with option 3.

Using a blank page, I worked on Home page reapplying Hylke css but:
- removing maximun-scale=1.0 because we want to let people zoom if they wish, 
- replacing 'px' unit to use 'em', 
- centred logo images,
- making sure width is right otherwise you get screw up with iPhone rotate
- adding media queries (only 2 breakpoints for now, but need to be adjusted with devices tests and your feedbacks)

The main points to sort out for UX design is the menu bar and the footer. 
To me, footer is too huge, even on desktop, could we remove news? 
For the menu, it looks fine on tablets format but on phone, it's not really accessible. So I implemented topcoat swipe menu using CSS3 transform. Is it UX friendly? wdyt?

Feedback welcome,


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aerogear-dev mailing list

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