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I see we have the following "tutorials" on Cordova and Push:

Can assume you talk about ďtutorialsĒ because you feel that they are not really tutorials? If you feel that way, what do you propose to make them better?

* Tutorial: Apache Cordova and Android Push Notifications:

* Tutorial: Apache Cordova and iOS Push Notifications:

I also see a 'guide':

This guide reminds of the content of the plugin's README;

Yes, I think the read me was first and the guide came later letís sync up the guide with the read me and replace the read me with a link.

I wonder about two things:

* is the content better placed on the homepage or the README ? (and link to other, instead of duplication)

Yeah letís do that, because duplication is bad, they are out of sync already!

* I am also not really sure if that's a guide

If itís not really a guide what do you think a guide should be about? Could you elaborate on this?


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