I am trying to solve a bug in the push's admin-ui but I am not able to setup the dev environment. Anyone would help me a bit with this?

So far I have all dependencies installed plus grunt, I have deployed my eap-6 and I have edited the local-config.json like this:

    "home": "/home/jgallaso/projects/aerogear/aerogear-unifiedpush-server/admin-ui",
    "jbossweb": "/home/jgallaso/projects/eap-6.4/standalone/deployments/ag-push.war"
But I am getting an error when runnin
grunt initLocalConfig

​$ ​
grunt initLocalConfig
>> Local Npm module "grunt-cli" not found. Is it installed?

Running "initLocalConfig" task
Fatal error: jbossweb directory /home/jgallaso/projects/eap-6.4/standalone/deployments/ag-push.war configured in ./local-config.json is not directory (must be exploded WAR)

​Thanks in advance and cheers,​

Jose Miguel Gallas Olmedo
Associate QE at Mobile Team, Red Hat
+34 618 488 633