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Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 10:47:12 AM
Subject: Re: [aerogear-dev] AeroGear project structure and the website

Makes sense to me. I think the current site does confuse me a bit... what's the difference between Web/JavaScript and Hybrid/Cordova. If we are using the same exact code (aerogear.js) then my first thought is just to combine that under JavaScript (which I think is your suggestion?). If the code is similar, but different between Web and Hybrid then it may be useful to clearly define the differences.

It’s a bit complex to explain and on the current site it’s not clear I agree. Not all functionality that is in the Javascript project is available in Cordova and the functionality that is has a different api. So a developer that will target Cordova will probably end up using both.

The reason that only some parts of the Javascript have been put into Cordova is that for those parts it makes sense to use native hardware because of security, speed or integration, in other cases it doesn’t bring enough benefit.

Because of the way Cordova plugins work it has not always been possible to have the same API although they are close most of the time.

Hope this helps explain things a bit more.

Thanks. This does help alot

Erik Jan

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