hrm, not sure I am that happy about these requirements :)

I guess we also need to change our data access layer to not just return tokens, but a more complex object, containing token, key and secret  - hrm :)

On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 3:19 AM, Idel Pivnitskiy <> wrote:
Hi all,

As we discussed previously, Firefox already supports sending push message data to browser if it will be encrypted. Since version 50, Google Chrome also support it [1]. But it requires for UPS to store "public key" and "auth secret" for each Installation [2]. See current example of sending push notifications with a payload[3].

Storing of two additional fields is not a big deal. But we also have to refactor PushNotificationSender [4], because it consumes a collection of device tokens as a param instead of a collection of installations.

Any thoughts about how we can implement it with minimal changes?


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Idel Pivnitskiy

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