Hello folks!

here is another release, containing some fixes since the last 1.0.1 release! Thanks to the team for all the hard work it put into this 1.0.2 release!

Here are a few highlights of this release:
* Keycloak 1.0.4 usage
* new developer role
* documentation updates
* SSLv3 version removed from docs
* UI fixes and improvements
* Polish UI to look nice(r) on mobile devices

You'll find details on all the JIRAs can be found here:

The staging repository is located here:

NOTE: Once this release has been approved the matching tag will be used to get the OpenShift online bits updated!

Let me know the results of your testing!
If I hear nothing bad by Tuesday evening, the release to maven central will happen on Wednesday morning;


Matthias Wessendorf

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