Hi Torben,

The cartridge now is based on our 1.0.0.Final. However there is no automatic update of existing instance at the moment.

That said, we have a JIRA for 1.0.x on this to help w/ the database migration


On Monday, September 8, 2014, Torben <bam@tretau.net> wrote:

Hi all,

I started some days ago a Unified Push Server 0.10.4 using the
openshift aerogear quickstart cartridge.
After hearing that the cartridge has to be updated due to security
reasons on openshift I wondered:

Is it possible to update the cartridge via taking snapshots or something?
Can I update this cartridge to the security fixed cartridge version (0.10.4)?
Or has it to be updated to the latest release?

Kind regards,


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