Thanks for your answer.

Now I have another problem, when I access the URL "https://SERVER:PORT/CONTEXT/rest/applications/[variantID]/installations/" I receive a 401 HTTP status saying: "JBWEB000121: This request requires HTTP authentication."

I searched a bit and it seems that I need a Keycloak token
. I did not even know about Keycloak and to use its administration console I need an admin user but I do not know the password and my collegue that installed Aerogear doesn't know it either.

I have root access to the server and the MySQL DB. How do I reset the Keycloack admin password?

Em 29/08/2016 19:33, Idel Pivnitskiy escreveu:
When you register a device on the UPS [1] it returns you a JSON object of Installation with a new id. You can use this id to retrieve an Installation object at any time [2], which contains an array of categories for current device token. We can not guarantee, that device token will be unique in UPS database, that's why you have to use for feature purposes if needed.

Geraldo Amaral