Hi all,

I have some phenomenon here. I have created 4 variants with 100 fake tokens and sending 1 push through the mock FCM server. What I got is 400 (401 to be exact) receivers so it seems to work OK.

These are the 4 variants (the order is important):

However ONLY on 2nd to 4nd variant I got this warning:

The first variant in the list is not getting the error. I created them in order (0 - 3) so this does not matter because the 0 (second in the list) is receiving the warning but the 1 (first in the list) is not.

​Look what happens if I delete the first variant in the list and send another notification:

​(Now the first in the list is variant 0, the former 2nd in the list)

​This is no longer receiving the warning!​

Here is the log from the console: 
So what do you think? Bug? It does not seem to be related with the fact that I am using the FCM proxy... or does it? Maybe I'm missing something obvious.


Jose Miguel Gallas Olmedo
Associate QE at Mobile Team, Red Hat
+34 618 488 633