Good afternoon!

for [1] I'd like to propose we introduce a custom http-header ('aerogear-sender') to be submitted by our "clients" that perform a send in order to show the user on the 'stats' page what client was used to submit a 'push job' to the server.

I have identified the following clients to be updated (see sub-tasks of [1]):
* Java-Sender
* Node-Sender
* AdminUI (compose a push UI part)

On our clients we can simply apply the new custom header, however that does not work for pure invocation of our REST APIs (e.g. via cURL or if someone did build their own sender (E.g. some company builds an internal Ruby sender)).  For that case I suggest to simply read the "user-agent" header.

Basic rule: If there is no "aerogear-sender" header present, we read the value of the "user-agent" header.

Any thoughts ? 



Matthias Wessendorf